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(Shop Info) 青青 Pandan Republic at KL ChinaTown (クアラルンプール 中華街) DEC update Dec 2019【マレーシア 移住 不動産 アパートメ

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Place name:

青青 Pandan Republic at KL ChinaTown, Lorong Panggung 鬼仔巷(Kwai Chai Hong)


010-221 7296


Lorong Panggung, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

MON to TUE: 11am to 18pm

WED: Close

THU to SUN: 11am to 18pm


Recommend you go by LRT or MRT. If by car, we parked at Central Market.

My remark:

Last time I introduced Nam Heong (南香) and discovered Beautiful KL China Town with different series photo. Series.1 [Street Building], Series.2 [Cafe]. Kuala Lumpur China Town also known as 'Chee Cheong Kai' 茨厂街 (Starch Factory Street) in heart of Kuala Lumpur city. From now, will keep continues to discover more interested places in 茨厂街 (Starch Factory Street or Petaling Street). Do you heard about Lorong Panggung 鬼仔巷(Kwai Chai Hong)? Now this old, small alley turned to a commercial shop area. You can find there are many shops like cafe, bubble tea and even restaurant spreading in this area. Think the famous Chinese breakfast shop: 何九海南茶店 Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam, maybe you know? just a stone's throw away from here. 青青 Pandan Republic is an ice cream shop in Lorong Panggung 鬼仔巷(Kwai Chai Hong). I came to 青青 Pandan Republic because I heard we can buy an ice cream that shape like a 'SH*T'. What? but I want to try.

Please check the picture above the pure white color ice cream, its a coconuts + Pandan combination ice cream. Signature Pandan Coconut Soft Serve (班蘭椰奶雪糕), RM13/pcs. Wow, the supple texture from the smooth ice cream paste will make you feel super fresh. You can find the ingredients --- Pandan leave everywhere in Malaysia. Like in super market. Other like Chendol and Nyonya Kuih etc. The first impression when I got in this shop, it provided me an illusion that I in one of the fancy cafe shop in Japan. This shop original was an old type traditional building shoplot type, 2 storeyed. You also can enjoy coffee at the 2nd floor. Of course, they also selling cake, some Nyonya dessert 3pcs/RM12, soda drink, traditional Tong Shui (Chinese dessert), RM6/pcs etc. Especially their Signature Local Soda (爱国系列气泡水) like 檳城豆蔻(Penang Nutmeg), 文东姜黑糖(Ginger Gula Melaka), 香茅青檸檬(Lemongrass Sensation), 黑咖啡湯力(Kopi-Oh and Tonic), all RM12/pcs.

Now KL China Town has changed a lot with many fancy cafe. Will introduce more later. I truly hope Jalan Petaling and the whole area become register world heritage area to protect all these building from damage to develop. Some of those buildings are rebuilt, some of them are refurbished, renovated and some of them are the original building that just what they look like. Worthy to go.

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